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We go to Kayla Braxton in the ring and she introduces the new United States Champion Rusev who is joined by Lana.

Rusev is asked about his victory last week. Rusev says it was the greatest Rusev Day of them all. Rusev is asked how will his reign as champion differ from Nakamura’s. Rusev says he takes pride in the US Championship and his title reign will be long and luscious, like his beard. Rusev says he will defend his title against any opponent with honor and strength, along with his animal magnetism. He will do it while smelling like a bacon flavored cinnamon bun. This is his pledge and he pledges allegiance to the United States Championship.

Nakamura attacks Rusev from behind with a thrust kick and then he connects with forearms in the corner. Lana gets on Rusev’s back to stop him. Rusev with a Machka Kick and Nakamura falls back and lands on Lana.

Rusev checks on Lana and Nakamura kicks Rusev. Nakamura with a jumping knee to Rusev. Nakamura picks up the title belt and then drops it on top of Rusev before leaving the ring.

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