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 The Ravishing Russian
Height: 5'7'
From: Moscow

Lana, real name CJ Perry, grew up in wealthy family in Russia. At just nine years old, she attended an elite ballet school, where she became a professional dancer. She says that if she messed up they would throw shoes and chairs at her, making her life was much harder than the typical American teenager.

Lana grew up in one of the wealthiest parts of Moscow, having two cooks, three drivers, four maids, two nannies, and a gardener. Lana and her family also have a summer home in Latvia, as well as other homes and penthouses in New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles.

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WWE NXT Taping Spoilers (3 episodes)
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NXT Results – November 20, 2013
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Colin Cassady vs. Alexander Rusev (with Lana) in a Beat The Clock Challenge Match

They lock up and Rusev backs Cassady to the corner and he connects with a knee and punch. Rusev with a punch and kick in the corner. Rusev with more kicks to the midsection followed by a head but for a near fall. Cassady with punches to Rusev but Rusev with a body block and he gets a near fall.

Rusev with a head butt and he gets a near fall. Rusev with a punch and Cassady goes to the mat. Rusev with diving head butts to Cassady and he gets a near fall. Rusev goes to the turnbuckles but misses a diving head butt when Cassady moves out of the way. Cassady with a punch for a near fall.

Cassady with a punch and a near fall. Cassady with a punch to the midsection but Rusev blocks a slam attempt. Cassady with a high knee for a near fall. Cassady with an elbow drop but he can only get a near fall. Cassady misses a splash into the corner and Rusev sends Cassady into the turnbuckles. Rusev with a running hip into the corner followed by the Accolade, but Cassady is able to get Rusev to release the grip and he gets to the ropes. Rusev continues to work on the back.

Rusev with another near fall. Rusev with shoulders in the corner. Rusev puts Cassady against the ropes and he connects with knees and then he slams Cassady to the mat and he gets a near fall. Rusev with a forearm to the back. Rusev with a head butt to the back of the head and Cassady is down and Rusev applies the Accolade and Cassady taps.

Winner: Alexander Rusev (Time to beat 5:33)

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NXT Power Rankings: November 2013
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This Bulgarian brute has stormed into WWE NXT and bulldozed over competition like CJ Parker and Mason Ryan. He’s leaving people like William Regal astonished.

“Alexander Rusev is one of the most incredible things I’ve seen in my entire 30-year career,” Regal said. “He’s a ferocious monster.”

“Ferocious” might be the nicest possible way of describing Rusev. The sleazy Sylvester Lefort seemed to have Rusev under his control, but the beast snapped during a match between the two and Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady. On the Oct. 30 edition of NXT, Rusev demolished all three men, but all eyes were on a mysterious blonde beauty who was watching the carnage from the ramp.

The following week, Rusev was introduced by his new advocate, the lovely Lana, when he took on his former manager. The Bulgarian beast made quick work of Lefort, forcing him to tap out to his camel clutch variation called The Accolade. The lightning-quick victory put all of NXT on notice.

“He’s so powerful and with no redeeming qualities,” Regal said. “Which makes for someone who will do anything he has to do to achieve what he has to achieve. I’m in awe of Alexander Rusev.”

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NXT Results – November 13, 2013
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NXT Results – November 6, 2013
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Earlier today Sylvester LeFort asks the mysterious blonde what is wrong with Alexander Rusev. The girl speaks Russian and LeFort has no idea what she’s saying.

Sylvester LeFort vs. Alexander Rusev

Lana is now managing Rusev, who now comes out to what sounds like a national anthem. LeFort offers Rusev money to prevent an acute case of death, only to have Rusev clothesline him down and put on the Accolade for the submission at 13 seconds.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

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NXT Results – October 30, 2013
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Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady vs. The Legionnaires (Alexander Rusev & Sylvester Lafort)

Cassady immediately gets sent into the corner by Rusev. Cassady takes Rusev’s brutal assault with heart. Rusev hip-tosses Amore into the ring for good measure and beats him down too. Lefort comes into the ring and Rusev knocks him to the mat with a belly splash for no obvious reason. The Accolande on Cassady who taps like mad.

Winners: Rusev & Sylvester Lefort

Post-match, the mystery blonde comes to the ramp to admire Rusev. Rusev does not acknowledge her at all and goes to the back without Lefort.

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NXT Results – October 23, 2013
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CJ Parker vs. Alexander Rusev


No LeFort or Dawson for Rusev this week. He runs over Parker to start as we might be in another squash. Lana in a red dress is walking around ringside as the Accolade makes Parker give up at 1:18. Total squash.


Lana leaves and seems pleased with what she saw in Rusev.


During the break Tyler Breeze come in and hit the spinwheel kick (named the Beauty Shot) on Parker. Breeze even cuts off some of Parker’s hair to make it personal.


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