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 The Ravishing Russian
Height: 5'7'
From: Moscow

Lana, real name CJ Perry, grew up in wealthy family in Russia. At just nine years old, she attended an elite ballet school, where she became a professional dancer. She says that if she messed up they would throw shoes and chairs at her, making her life was much harder than the typical American teenager.

Lana grew up in one of the wealthiest parts of Moscow, having two cooks, three drivers, four maids, two nannies, and a gardener. Lana and her family also have a summer home in Latvia, as well as other homes and penthouses in New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles.

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Friday Night SmackDown Spoilers for May 9th, 2014
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Want to know what Lana is up to this Friday on SmackDown? Click read more to find out!

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Monday Night RAW Results – May 5th, 2014
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Lana comes out to cut a promo. She says she’s proud to be Russian, and hypes Vladimir Putin again. She introduces Rusev, who is now just going by his second name.

Rusev w. Lana vs Kofi Kingston

Kofi starts with some kicks, trying to take Rusev out, but Rusev crushes Kofi against the ropes. Rusev boots away at Kofi before headbutting him in the corner. Rusev hits a huge Belly to Belly Suplex as Lana watches on. Rusev elbows away at Kofi, before running for Kofi in the corner, but Kofi hits a double boot. Kofi manages some kicks and takes on the offense. Kofi takes Rusev out with a springboard crossbody but Rusev kicks out. Kofi springboards to the ring, but Rusev catches Kofi with a Fallaway Slam. Lana tells Rusev to crush, and he lifts Kofi with the Uranage before he locks in the Accolade on Kofi, who taps.

Winner: Rusev

Lana and Rusev celebrate to end the segment.

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Washington Post blogs on Vladimir Putin’s Extreme Rules De...
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WWE’s “Extreme Rules” pay-per-view proved to be, well, extreme. Kane, aka “the devil’s favorite demon,” fell through a table lit on fire, and Bray Wyatt introduced “Little Johnny,” a creepster of a kid with the electronically altered voice of man. But the most extreme bit that happened during Sunday’s three-hour broadcast may have been when Russia President Vladimir Putin’s face splashed across the Titantron.

Was this CNN or the WWE Network? Who cares. It was awesome. This next-level geopolitical trolling came from Lana, “the Ravishing Russian,” who dedicated the match of her client, the giant Bulgarian Rusev, to the much-maligned Russian president. She used the kind of melodramatic language that makes pro wrestling more than a display of athleticism, but a full theatrical production.

Here’s what Lana, embodied by American model and actress C.J. Perry, said:

“Tonight we dedicate this match to the man that makes fools out of all you Americans; tonight we dedicate this match to the man that I respect more than any other man; He is my role model; he is my idol — the president of Russia!”

That’s when Putin’s expressionless, larger-than-life visage appeared and Big-Brothered the arena, which echoed with an impressive chorus of boos. That heat would continue as Rusev, now a resident of Russia, according to the story line, went on to crush his opponents, R-Truth and Xavier Woods.

The match, however, won’t be what this night will be remembered for. It’s Putin, the WWE’s best new heel.

Washington Post

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Lana explains the match dedication to Vladimir Putin: May 4, 201...
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Extreme Rules 2014 Results – May 4th, 2014
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‘The Ravishing Russian’ Lana is introduced, and she makes her way out to speak a little bit of Russian, dedicate tonight to the ‘most powerful man in the world’, Russian president Vladamir Putin, and introduce Alexander Rusev.

Alexander Rusev vs. R-Truth and Xavier Woods

Truth dedicates this match to the US and the two men hit the ring. Woods runs right into a huge kick and both are sent to the outside. Rusev launches Truth into the barricade, then sends Woods crashing into the ring apron. Rusev tosses Truth into the ring and belly to belly suplexes Woods on the floor. The ref finally rings the bell and Rusev goes on the attack, punching and kicking Truth in the corner.

Rusev sends Truth crashing into the corner hard, then follows with a big back splash. Rusev looks down on Woods, still laid out on the outside. Rusev runs right into double boots from Truth in the corner. Truth is able to cartwheel away from Rusev and hits a big spinning kick, and running clothesline in the corner. Truth connects with a missile dropkick from the middle rope, ducks a clothesline, and hits a spinning back elbow and axe kick, but Rusev won’t stay down for three.

Rusev catches Truth in mid air, and goes for a fall away slam, but Truth lands on his feet. Rusev knocks him down with a huge spinning back heel kick. Trainers check on Woods on the outside. Rusev takes Truth down with a spinning, standing black hole-like slam. Rusev clamps on the camel clutch, and Truth is forced to tap out.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

While making their way to the back, Lana points at Woods and tells Rusev to crush him. Rusev picks up Woods and plants him with a fall away slam on the floor before leaping up and screaming out.

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A look at the woman behind Alexander Rusev – WWE App Exclu...
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Friday Night SmackDown Results – May 2nd, 2014
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Lana comes out to do Rusev’s introduction. R-Truth is already ringside with Xavier Woods. Rusev and Lana make their entrance as we see a video package hyping the handicap match at Extreme Rules.

Alexander Rusev w. Lana vs. R-Truth w. Xavier Woods

The match starts and Rusev forces Truth into the corner with some knees. Truth slaps Rusev, but Rusev goes back on offense with kicks. R-Truth gets in a few hits, but Rusev lifts him for a powerslam. Truth jumps down and ducks a clothesline, hitting a set of spin kicks.

Rusev leaves the ring and takes out Xavier Woods who was talking trash. R-Truth tries for a springboard move, but Rusev catches him on the outside, attacking him and sending him in.

Rusev goes for Truth, but Woods jumps into the ring and attacks Rusev, causing a DQ.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

Woods and Truth work together post match to take out Rusev. Lana restrains Rusev as we see a replay of what went down. Lana and Rusev have a stare down with Woods and Truth to end the segment.

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WWE.com team predict Extreme Rules
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Joey Styles: WINNER: Alexander Rusev. ALSO WINNERS: All of us because we get to see Lana.

Howard Finkel: If Alexander Rusev was a stock, I would be in a buy mode. He has more than impressed me thus far in his WWE tenure. Although more than capable opponents, the Truth/Woods combo will endure a long night at the office this Sunday, courtesy of Mr. Rusev. WINNER: Alexander Rusev

Ryan Murphy: A more interesting prediction to make here might be “How many limbs will R-Truth & Xavier Woods still have intact after Alexander Rusev is through with them?” Sure, the duo did a decent job of fending off The Bulgarian Brute on Raw, but when Lana commands her cyborg to “crush!” at Extreme Rules, it’s going to be a horror show. WINNER: Alexander Rusev

Bobby Melok: Despite their best efforts, R-Truth & Xavier Woods have not been able to make a dent in the seemingly impenetrable armor of Alexander Rusev. The Bulgarian Brute has hurled the two around the squared circle with ease over the past few weeks in singles bouts. Though he’s at a disadvantage in this Handicap Match, Rusev will relish the opportunity to dish out twice as much punishment in the same amount of time. WINNER: Alexander Rusev

John Clapp: The possibility of Alexander Rusev making Truth & Woods tap simultaneously to a two-for-one Accolade should not be ruled out. Against most Superstars in a Handicap Match, Truth & Woods would be the favorites. Not here. WINNER: Alexander Rusev

Alexander Rusev: 5, R-Truth & Xavier Woods: 0

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Friday Night Smackdown Spoilers for May 2, 2014
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Want to know what Lana is up to Friday on Smackdown? Click read more to find out!

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Monday Night RAW Results – April 28th, 2014
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Lana comes out and does the intro for Rusev. A preview of this Sunday’s Pay Per View match is shown. Rusev does his entrance as we see his opponent at ringside, Xavier Woods.

Alexander Rusev w. Lana vs Xavier Woods w. R-Truth

Woods hits a dropkick to Rusev, and follows with some forearms. Rusev grabs Woods, but Woods fights out. Woods runs the ropes but Rusev hits the Uranage. Lana tells Rusev to crush, but R-Truth hits the ring and hits Rusev, causing a DQ.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

A brawl between Rusev and Truth occurs, but Rusev ends up going over the top rope to the outside. Rusev gets back up on the apron, but Truth and Woods work together to rid of Rusev, who falls from the apron. Lana holds Rusev back as there is a staredown to end the segment.

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