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Xavier Woods comes out for his match against Alexander Rusev, but instead Tyler Breeze comes out. Breeze talks about Rusev attacking both of them at NXT Arrival, and demands that he get his revenge. He asks Xavier to leave, but Lana comes out and does her bit for Rusev.

Tyler Breeze attacks Xavier Woods from behind and leaves the ring. The bell sounds, so it looks like this match is still happening.

Alexander Rusev w./Lana vs. Xavier Woods

Rusev absolutely levels Woods with a few kicks in the corner, followed by a high kick in the middle of the ring to take him off his feet. He throws a few knees and slowly stalks his opponent around the ring, picking his spots at will.

Woods checks a kick in the corner and starts chopping the big man down slowly. Rusev lowers his shoulder and takes a boot to the face, but flapjacks Woods in a failed attempt at the Samoan Drop. A tilt-the-whirl slam leads to the Accolade (Camel Clutch) for the submission win.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

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