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Mark Henry vs. Rusev (with Lana)
Big pop when Henry’s music began. They had Lilian Garcia sing the national anthem, which got the crowd pumped and gave this an even greater “big fight” feel. Big pop when she was done.
Henry nailed Rusev with some hard punches and Rusev went to the floor to regroup. Henry maintained control and Rusev went to the floor again. It was definitely all Mark Henry early. Rusev finally scored by drilling Henry into the ring steps on the floor. Back in the ring, Rusev killed Henry with an Avalanche in the corner and then a running back splash. He worked over Mark and locked in a camel clutch that was turned into a side chinlock. Rusev (naturally) used the Side Russian Legsweep.
Rusev continued wearing down Mark Henry. Henry fought back to his feet and scored several clotheslines. He nailed a splash in the corner but was hurting. He went for a slam but his back gave out. Rusev hit a spinkick to take Henry down.
Rusev began working over Henry’s back and went for the Accolade. Henry suddenly realized what was going on and fought his way back to his feet before Rusev could nail it. Henry went for the sitdown powerbomb but Rusev raked his face. Henry somehow caught him coming and nailed the World’s Strongest Slam but his back prevented him from following up. Rusev rolled out of the ring before Henry could capitalize.
Henry grabbed at Rusev from the ring but was nailed with a thrust kick. Rusev climbed up on the apron and nailed another kick. Rusev hit a charging thrust kick and cinched in The Accolade. Henry fought but quickly tapped out.
Your winner, Rusev!
Rusev and Lana celebrated in the ring as the Russian flag dropped down.

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