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Rusev sets for the Accolade but misses a boot. Rollins with a rollup for a near fall. Rollins with a thrust kick and he tries for the Falcon Arrow and eventually hits it for a near fall. Rollins looks around to set up for Black Out and Rollins with a thrust kick. Rusev sends Rollins to the apron. Rollins with an elbow and he goes for a springboard move but Rusev with a thrust kick.

Rollins falls to the floor and Bobby Lashley makes his way to the stage and he is joined by (eventually) . . . Lana.

Lashley hugs Lana and then they kiss a few times.

Rusev is in shock as the match continues and Seth Rollins has done absolutely nothing for 2 minutes.

The lights go down and Rollins knows what is coming but does anyone else.

The Fiend appears and he attacks Seth Rollins with the Mandible Claw.

The lights go out again and we go to credits.

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