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We go to the ring, which is decked out in red, white & blue. Michael Cole is in the ring. He welcomes Mark Henry to the ring.


Henry comes out to not much of a reaction. He says having to withdraw from the Olympics in 1996 due to an injury still haunts him. Henry is thankful for second chances and this is his. Henry says he’s going to shut Lana and Rusev up at Night of Champions.


Fans in the crowd are waving American flags. Henry says he can’t let us down on Sunday. A USA chant starts up. Cole talks about some of Lana’s tweets. Rusev’s music hits and out he comes with Lana to interrupt.


Lana tells Henry to shut up. He tells her to send Rusev to shut him up. Lana goes on and laughs at Henry for losing at the Olympics. She shows us a photo of a Russian gold medalist wrestler. Lana goes on talking about Russia, Henry and Obama.


We see Vladimir Putin on the big screen. Lana says history will repeat itself at Night of Champions when Henry fails. Henry says the Pledge of Allegiance but Rusev attacks him. Rusev beats Henry into the corner and unloads on him. Henry catches Rusev and tosses him across the ring. Rusev drop Henry with a big kick. Lana tells Rusev to crush.


Rusev stomps on Henry and tries to put him in The Accolade but Henry resists. Henry fights to his feet and grabs Rusev for a big sitdown chokeslam. Henry sends Rusev to the floor and waves the American flag as his music hits. RAW goes off the air with Henry waving the American flag.



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