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Back from the break and out comes Rusev with the Russian flag. No sign of Lana.

Fans chant for Lana and Rusev says there will be no Lana tonight. Fans boo. Rusev says there is no Lana and she needs to learn her place. Rusev says Lana does not speak for him, only he speaks for himself. Rusev says he knows how to speak our stupid American language and can say he quits for himself. Fans chant louder for Lana and Rusev yells that there is no Lana. Rusev says he did not quit last night and John Cena did not beat him. Rusev brags about making Cena pass out in the ring. Rusev says Lana quit because she’s weak. Rusev tells Cena to come out so they can restart the match. Lana comes out instead and fans cheer.

Rusev yells at her for defying him and coming out. Lana says she just wants to explain to everyone that Rusev isn’t like he seems to be. He’s not just The Bulgarian Brute, he’s misunderstood. She says something in Russian and then says she believes in him. She’s believed in him since the beginning and more than anyone else. Lana says she’s been with Rusev every step of the way and she was positive he would be the first man to make John Cena quit but that didn’t happen. Lana says that’s life and she was just trying to protect Rusev because she cares for him. Rusev says she’s in her feelings, pathetic and disgusting.

Lana yells that’s enough and asks what did he expect her to do. She says she did the right thing for him and for them. She says he was screaming in Bulgarian that he quit. A “you quit” chant breaks out. He calls her a liar and says there is no us, just him. He says he doesn’t need Lana, he doesn’t need anyone. He says Lana is weak and she makes him weak. He tells her to get out of the ring and go back to where she came from. Rusev yells at Lana as she walks to the back. He throws his arms up and fans boo. The music hits and he continues talking trash.

Later during the night, Cole interviews Ziggler in the ring and asks him how he feels after the match with Sheamus at Payback. Ziggler says the stitches hurt but not nearly as bad as losing to Sheamus. Ziggler says chicks dig scars anyway. Cole reveals that Ziggler gets the final spot in the Intercontinental Title Elimination Chamber. Ziggler talks about being open to any challenge or competitor when Lana makes her way out.

Fans chant for Lana. She waits a minute before grabbing Ziggler and kissing him. Fan chant for another kiss and she gives it to him. Rusev makes his way out and he’s furious. He yells at Lana and she slaps him. Ziggler comes from behind and lays Rusev out. He leaves with Lana as Rusev throws a fit in the ring.

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