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Back from the break and out comes Dolph Ziggler with Lana. Ziggler says at first, Lana was using him to get back at her boyfriend Rusev but he was getting to make out with a hot babe so it was a win-win. Ziggler says the situation has now changed. Lana says for years she didn’t know what a real man was but now she does. She talks about the control Rusev had over her and says she’s her own person now. Fans have been giving the “what?” treatment. Lana says they have become very good friends, no more than just friends. Lana says Ziggler is very, very passionate. Rusev’s music hits and out he comes on a crutch.

Rusev hobbles out to the stage and Summer Rae comes out just a second later. They both go to the ring and Rusev takes the mic. He says he doesn’t care about Lana anymore and never did. Rusev calls her a cold fish, saying kissing her was like kissing the ring post. Ziggler cuts him off and calls Rusev a scumbag. He refers to Lana as his girlfriend and rubs it in to Rusev. He says Rusev blew it and tells him to walk away before he breaks his other leg. Ziggler gets ready to fight as they have words.

Rusev leaves to the apron and Summer takes the mic. She calls Lana a gold-digger, saying she jumped ship the moment Rusev got injured. Summer says Rusev is kind and gentle, and really cared for Lana. Summer says she’s nothing more than a two-faced conniving phony. Summer slaps Lana in the face. Lana tackles her and they have a catfight on the mat. Lana tackles Summer again and she rolls to safety on the floor with Rusev. Lana and Ziggler look on from the ring as his music hits.

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