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We go to the ring and Summer Rae is in the ring with Rusev. Rusev says he was so inspired by his new woman Summer apologizing last week that he came out to apologize tonight. Rusev says, “I apologize.” Fans start chanting for Lana. Rusev gets upset and starts ripping on Lana, Dolph Ziggler and the fans. He says he’s better looking and more passionate than Ziggler. Fans start chanting USA. Summer says we should be showing Rusev the respect he deserves and she gets booed by her hometown crowd. Rusev kisses her hand and out comes Ziggler with Lana.

Ziggler asks if Rusev’s brain is broken too and says every opportunity he got in WWE is due to Lana. Ziggler and Lana are in the ring now. Ziggler says Rusev knows he lost the best thing that ever happened to him. Ziggler and Lana start kissing. Rusev turns away and Summer yells at Ziggler. Lana gets in her face and they take their shoes off as fans cheer. Rusev stops the catfight from happening and fans boo. Rusev decks Ziggler with a crutch out of nowhere and beats him down. Lana looks on screaming.

Rusev kicks Ziggler with his cast. He takes the cast off now and sends Summer to kick Lana in the back. Summer tosses Lana out of the ring. Rusev unloads on Ziggler and beats on him some more. Ziggler fights back some but Rusev drops him and rams the crutch in his throat. Referees run down to check on Ziggler and tell Rusev to back off. We go to replays. EMTs bring out a stretcher but Rusev continues the assault on Ziggler. Rusev raises the crutch high in the air as fans boo and we go to commercial.

Back from the break and we see what just happened to Dolph Ziggler. We see footage of Ziggler being stretchered out with Lana at his side.

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