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Rusev says he is smitten and his heart wants to burst out for the woman who healed his soul. The always hot and obedient Summer Rae. Rusev says he’s going to teach American men how to treat a special woman. He brings a box in and there’s a puppy inside. Summer grabs the puppy and cuddles it. Rusev says the puppy is ugly, has skinny legs, pees on itself and is neutered so they should call it Dolph Ziggler. Rusev has another surprise for Summer. She opens it and there’s a huge dead fish without a head in there. He tells her to take it and hold it high. Rusev says they should name the cold fish after another cold fish they all know – Lana. Lana comes down the ramp and tells Rusev to shut up.

Lana is tired of Rusev running his mouth every week. Lana calls Rusev pitiful, just like his defeats since he hooked up with the pathetic, wanna-be Lana. Summer mocks Lana and Lana ends up kicking her down. Lana grabs Summer and rubs her face into the dead fish. Lana slaps Rusev as he runs his mouth. She leaves the ring with Summer screaming in disgust. Rusev grabs the fish and throws it at Lana but she’s already on her way to the back. Rusev helps Summer up but apparently she smells.

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