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We get a look back at what happened to Dolph Ziggler at the hands of Rusev recently. Lana is backstage with an update on Ziggler, saying he’s now talking again and doctors have assured him there is no permanent damage. Summer Rae appears and she’s changed her look to try and appear like Lana now. Summer asks Lana how she likes it. Summer says she feels smarter and dangerous. Rusev walks up and says she looks beautiful. They kiss and Rusev tells Lana she doesn’t look good. He says she looks tired and walks off. Summer delivers a nasty slap to Lana’s face and also walks off.

Lana comes down the ramp and has words with Summer at ringside. Lana throws her shoe at Summer’s face and they start brawling with Lana in control. Lana yells for Summer to never touch her again. Rusev is furious and distracted during his six-man tag team match.

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