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Rusev vs Erick Rowan

Rusev and Lana to the ring. Rowan out to face him.

Rusev attacks Rowan before he can get into the ring. Rowan into a post outside. Rowan rolled into the ring. A hip to Rowan’s head. They call it knees to Rowan’s face, but it’s hips. Rowan slammed to the mat, then stomped, using the ropes for height. Rusev out, pushes Rowan up by his chin, back bending him up around the bottom rope. Rusev goes after Rowan with a kick, but the camera was on the fans and missed it. Cole had to explain it, then they recapped it. Back in the ring, the accolade on Rowan as the ref yells at Rusev to break the hold, the match never started. The ref keeps yelling and pleading, then Rusev finally does.

Lana – Now that we have your attention. We would like to invite all of you to a very special movie premier. It’s Oscar season, and you’re in for a cinematic treat. A cold, harsh reality. This film isn’t your fairy tail ending. It will show not only the future of John Cena, but all those who dare to oppose Rusev!

They go to video of Rusev destroying wrestlers, narrated by Rusev. The video ends, the flag tries to unfurl, but it only partially comes down. Rusev and Lana are livid and ranting in the ring. Rusev waves his own flag strongly.

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