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Back from the break and out comes John Cena to a big mixed reaction.

Cena says Fastlane was one of the last stops on the road to WrestleMania and with the WWE Universe on the edge of their seats, Rusev took him to the limit. Cena says for the first time in his career, he had Rusev looking into the eyes of defeat. Cena says it was a true championship contest.

Cena mentions the low blow that Rusev hit him with. Cena says he has no problem with losing but he has a problem with Rusev parading around like some kind of hero. Cena says Rusev proved he’s nothing more than a coward. Rusev’s music hits and out comes the WWE United States Champion with Lana.

Lana speaks from the stage and says “we told you so.” Lana tells the fans to shut up and tells Cena he failed last night. Like all Americans, Cena gave up. Lana praises Rusev and says Cena was humbled by him. We see a photo of Vladimir Putin on the big screen and fans boo some more. A USA chant starts as Rusev grabs the mic. Rusev says he broke Cena at Fastlane. Rusev says it’s his time now and nobody can beat him.

Rusev tells Cena to admit he is beneath Rusev and that Rusev is better. Rusev wants Cena to admit Rusev and Russia are better than Cena and America. Cena tells Rusev he better watch his ass when talking about the United States of America. Lana mocks him. She says his whole life is just a lie.

She shows us a photo of Cena face down in the mat after losing last night. Cena fires back with a promo about fighting. Cena rips Rusev and says he’s no hero. Cena says Rusev is garbage and it’s time to take the trash out. Cena says he’s going to bring the US Title home where it belongs.

Cena says he’s going to beat Rusev’s ass at WrestleMania 31. Rusev says Cena doesn’t deserve a rematch and his answer for WrestleMania is no. Rusev’s music hits and a Russian flag drops down over Cena in the ring. Rusev and Lana head to the back as Cena exits the ring.

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