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John Cena makes his way out to a mixed reaction. Cena talks about how the crowd in Memphis will be rocking for Fastlane on Sunday but he’s amazed at the crowd in Orlando tonight. We see what happened with Rusev last week. Cena declares that he will defeat Rusev at Fastlane. He says you have to take the fight to someone like Rusev. Cena says he loves when fans boo and loves when they cheer because this is what RAW is about – fans having fun. Cena says having fun ain’t gonna cut it this Sunday.

Cena says people have asked when he’s going to change for a long time. Cena says no matter who the opponent was, he’s always believed he could win how he wanted to as long as he could smile after the match. Then along came Rusev. Cena talks about how there will be no smiles or high-fives at Fastlane. Cena says he will make history by being the first WWE Superstar to defeat Rusev. Cena says he’s fighting for respect but more importantly, he’s fighting to win the United States Championship. Rusev’s music hits and out comes the United States Champion with Lana.

Lana calls this typical John Cena. She says he doesn’t get it. His problem is not that he’s a stupid American… Lana is interrupted by USA chants. She continues and says Cena lives in a delusional world where his cup is half full. She says she and Rusev live in a reality where he is the greatest US Champion and is superior to any other WWE Superstar, including the man that never gives up. She says this time, there will be no coming back for Cena. Rusev takes the mic and the USA chants get louder.

Rusev says he will destroy Cena and everything he stands for. Rusev says Cena’s will to live will be crushed. Cena says Rusev has never had his ass kicked. Cena warns Rusev not to make one more move or he’s coming to kick Rusev’s ass. Lana and Rusev mock Cena with the “you can’t see me” gesture. Cena charges out of the ring and brawls with Rusev at the top of the ramp. Cena ends up dropping Rusev and out come referees.

Cena tells them to stay back and he goes back to work on Rusev. Cena gets revenge and sends Rusev head first into the set as Lana screams. Cena steps on Rusev’s face and throws him into the video board again. Cena mounts Rusev on the stage with right hands as fans count along. Cena stands up and talks trash but Rusev is laid out. Cena yells at Rusev that every man can be beat. Cena raises his arms as fans cheer and his music plays. We go to commercial.

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