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Lana, real name CJ Perry, grew up in wealthy family in Russia. At just nine years old, she attended an elite ballet school, where she became a professional dancer. She says that if she messed up they would throw shoes and chairs at her, making her life was much harder than the typical American teenager, but she loved it.

Lana grew up in one of the wealthiest parts of Moscow, having two cooks, three drivers, four maids, two nannies, and a gardener. Lana and her family also have a summer home in Latvia, as well as other homes and penthouses in New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles.

Prior to becoming a WWE Diva, Lana did quite a bit of acting and modeling. She says modeling came easy to her, and made her a lot of money, but it didn’t make her as happy as dancing did. While being a dancer for huge musicians, such as Pink and Usher, she learned that she loved being in front of large audiences. While spending some time in Hollywood on the sets of TV shows, Lana learned that she also has a passion for acting and producing, and someday would love to produce great films and TV shows.

Now being in WWE, she says she is more conservative than most other Divas, as this is a “man’s world”, and to live in this world you must “think like a man, but act like a lady.” Lana plans to compete against fellow WWE Divas, under the right business and financial circumstances, but for now she plans to take over the WWE, alongside Alexander Rusev!

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