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Rusev and Lana join Renee Young for thoughts on tonight’s main event, and Lana just cuts a promo in Russian. She stops and says of course Renee doesn’t understand her, so she says Rusev will crush anything in his way, and they aren’t worried at all.
Rusev (w/ Lana) vs Big Show
Big Show and Rusev trade shots before Show goes for a quick rollup, then Show shoulder tackles Rusev as he kicks out of the pin. We get back from a break to see Show chopping Rusev in the corner, then Rusev takes him out with a chop block. Rusev repeatedly elbows Show’s knee, then Show makes it to his feet and knocks Rusev down. Show calls for a Knockout punch but Rusev ducks, then he connects with a thrust kick before applying a grounded headlock.
Show gets to his feet and elbows Rusev in the head, then he connects with a few clotheslines and whips him into the corner. He clotheslines Rusev in the corner and whips him to the opposite corner, then hits another clothesline before chokeslamming him. Show calls for a Knockout punch again but Lana grabs on to Show’s foot, stopping him. She pleads with him to stop, then she gets in the ring and hides away in the corner, playing the victim long enough to distract Show, and Rusev attacks Show with the Russian flag and gets disqualified. He continues to attack Show, but Show makes a comeback and hits him and staggers him, then Rusev goes to kick him but Show catches his foot before knocking him out cold.
Winner (by disqualification) – Big Show
Post match, Big Show celebrates at having knocked down Rusev, with the crowd chanting “USA!”. Show leaves as Lana angrily shouts at a groggy Rusev to end SmackDown.

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