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We see a replay of Mark Henry’s rally on Monday Night Raw. We cut to Rusev and Lana talking backstage before we go to a commercial.
Roman Reigns vs. Rusev
Rusev steps into the ring expecting an ovation but it just doesn’t happen. The bell sounds and they tear at each other, locking up and grappling until they both end up outside. After they exchange a few blows Reigns tosses Rusev back inside and begins pounding on the big dude but Rusev comes back with a vengeance. Rusev looks pretty strong but Reigns seems to shrug off some of the more powerful blows. He puts Rusev down briefly after taking to the air but it seems unlikely that we’ve seen the best of the big Bulgarian as we head into a break.
Rusev indeed battles back, powering Reigns into the corner and smashing him into the turnbuckles. He goes to the well once too often and Reigns avoids being put down for the count just yet, hitting the ropes and toppling Rusev with a flying clothesline. He then delivers a boot to Rusev’s noggin out on the apron and starts to load up the Superman punch. Seth Rollins materializes outside, distracting Reigns and Rusev puts him on the mat and sets up the clutch. Reigns escapes and plants Rusev on the canvas. Rollins comes back in and ascends the top in an attempt to crack Reigns on the scull with the briefcase. He misses and hits Rusev instead, prompting the DQ.
Result: Rusev wins via DQ after interference by Seth Rollins.
Reigns chases Rollins outside and they brawl into the crowd as Lana and Rusev celebrate inside. Mark Henry comes out and tells the crew to unfurl Old Glory from the rafters, enraging Rusev. Henry charges in and Rusev clobbers him until Henry musters up every iota and fiber of intestinal fortitude. In a pretty cool spot, Henry and Rusev charge at each other and Henry scoops up Rusev for the World’s Stongest Slam. Mark stands tall as the show fades to black.

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