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Arm Wrestling Contest: Mark Henry vs Rusev (w/ Lana)


Lana says she’s surprised Henry accepted, but he can still do the right thing and forfeit, just like the American way, and just like he did in the Olympics. Henry says he withdrew from the Olympics to injury, and he never thought he would get another chance to represent his country, but here they are.


Henry says he will unleash fury at Night of Champions, but first he will show him what he does now, and Lana dedicates Rusev’s victory to Vladimir Putin. Rusev complains about locking up for a bit, then they finally start the contest and Henry wins after a few moments.


Winner: Mark Henry


Michael Cole says Rusev and Lana asked for a rematch, this time with their left hands, and Henry agrees and they lock up again. Henry looks to be winning again, but Lana throws powder in his face, and Rusev kicks him in the head before taunting him.


Rusev waits for Henry to start to get back up, and Henry tries to wipe the powder from his eyes, but Rusev blasts him with a superkick and taunts him again.


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