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Big Show comes out and says everyone has to answer for their actions at some point, and he wants to have an honest and open discussion. He says his patriotism might have got the best of him, and he shouldn’t have pulled down the Russian flag, because they’d be pissed if someone did it to the American flag. Show says he generally likes the Russian people he meets, and he can’t take back his actions, but what he can do is sincerely apologize to any Russians he offended.
Rusev and Lana cut him off, and Lana says Show owes Rusev a personal apology, but Show says he doesn’t owe either one of them anything. Rusev runs Show down and says he spit in their faces and on the Russian flag with his actions, then Rusev beats him with the flag pole and kicks him in the face. Rusev taunts the crowd but Show gets up and is enraged, so Rusev backs away and leaves while Show dares him to come back and fight.

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