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Rusev (w/ Lana) vs The Great Khali
Khali immediately drops Rusev with a big chop, then Rusev hits him a few times in the corner but Khali just chops him again. Rusev rebounds and connects with a thrust kick, then he stomps Khali and makes him tap out to the Accolade.
Winner – Rusev
Lana cuts a post match promo on continuing to destroy the American spirit, and Rusev says he’s beaten everyone so far. He says he has beaten a ‘real American’, and strongmen and giants, and he’s coming next for the ‘American’ champion. Rusev says he is taking Sheamus’ title and he will give it to Vladimir Putin as a gift. Sheamus comes out and says he’s been looking forward to this, and his challenge is accepted. Sheamus says Rusev needs to understand something – he is a proud United States champion. He says he’s almost as proud of ‘this’ and tries to Brogue Kick him, but Rusev ducks and runs away.

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