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Daniel Bryan announces that Rusev is defending his championship in a battle royal since he didn’t say the pledge of allegiance on RAW. Bryan says it’s kicking off right now.

Battle Royal for the United States Championship 

Everyone picks a corner and starts to attack, then Big Show eliminates Fernando and Diego before he punches Goldust in the stomach. Rowan and Show face off and trade punches, then Rowan splashes him in the corner twice before sending him outside with a clothesline. Rusev ends up catching Rowan offguard and throws him out, then everyone gangs up on Rusev and tries to flip him over the ropes. Rusev frees himself as we go to a break, then we get back to see Miz and Stardust fighting near the apron. Miz turns and tries to throw Goldust out but it gets reversed, and Stardust holds the ropes and Miz gets dumped on the floor. Mizdow sees this and throws himself outside, then Swagger clotheslines Goldust and Stardust outside before Titus eliminates Jimmy.

Titus tries to kick Jey but he ducks and sends Titus outside, then Jey kicks Kidd a few times but Kidd catches him and takes him out with a headscissors. We’re down to Swagger, Kidd, Cesaro and Rusev, so everyone attacks Swagger before they try to press slam him outside. Swagger grabs the ropes and throws some punches, then he slams Cesaro into the turnbuckles and powerslams Rusev. Swagger hits a Swagger Bomb on Rusev before Cesaro tries to send him outside, but Swagger sends him to the apron with a gutwrench slam. Kidd dives at him but Swagger catches him and throws him outside, then Cesaro sidesteps Rusev and shoves him into Swagger on the apron. Cesaro dumps Rusev outside but Rusev holds on and only has one foot hit the floor, then he runs back in and sends Cesaro outside before knocking Swagger off the apron.

Winner – Rusev

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