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We see a recap of Big E vs Titus O’ Neil from a few weeks ago. Tonight we’re getting a rematch. Big E enters with the USA flag as we see a replay of this past week on RAW, where Big E brawled with Rusev. We get a preview of Big E vs Rusev this Sunday at Payback. The match goes to start, but Lana interrupts. She says that the worn American flag is like the American people – weak and a trite civilization. However there is a brilliant red, white and blue flag that represents power and glory. Lana says the entire world will bow down to this flag. Rusev comes out with the Russian flag, taunting Big E. Rusev talks into the mic, and goes to walk down to the ring, and Titus O’ Neil jumps Big E from behind and the match is underway.

Titus O’ Neil vs Big E

Titus hits a big boot before punching Big E in the corner. Titus runs and hits a big splash in the corner, before trying for another. Big E ducks out and hits a Belly to Belly Suplex. Big E ducks a clothesline and elbows Titus in the corner, before hitting a body block. Big E hits his splash and pulls the straps down, taunting Rusev and Lana, before he drops Titus with the Big Ending for the win.

Winner: Big E

Post match, Rusev waves the Russian flag as Big E waves the American flag back to hype this Sunday.

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