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After interfering in Ryback’s match, Rusev and Lana end up walking backstage and Lana brags about what just happened, but Hulk Hogan walks up to them and says they aren’t getting away with this. Hulk says Rusev is going to defend his championship tonight, and he doesn’t like what they are up to, but he wants to know what Rusev’s going to do when he loses his title tonight and walks away.

Dean Ambrose vs Rusev (w/ Lana)

Ambrose stomps Rusev a few times before Rusev kicks him in the corner, then Rusev whips him at the ropes but Ambrose rebounds with a dropkick. Rusev gets sent outside and Ambrose hits a suicide dive, then he rolls Rusev back in and goes for a near fall. Rusev elbows Ambrose a few times and puts him in a side headlock, but Ambrose fights back before Rusev clotheslines him as we go to a break. We get back to see Ambrose fight out of a nerve hold, then Rusev hits a fallaway slam for two before kicking him and setting up for the Accolade. Ambrose makes it to the ropes to break, then he sidesteps a corner splash and Rusev hits the ringpost before Ambrose gets a near fall rollup. Ambrose connects with some punches and forearm shots, then he heads up top but jumps over Rusev when he tries to crotch Ambrose on the turnbuckles.

Ambrose clotheslines him before heading back up top, this time hitting a standing elbow drop for two, then Ambrose goes for Dirty Deeds but Rusev kicks him and rolls outside. Ambrose chases him down and clotheslines him, then he whips Rusev into the barricade before Bray Wyatt runs out and attacks Ambrose.

Winner (by disqualification): Dean Ambrose

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