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Back in the ring, Lana and Rusev are front and center. They talk about how great Russia and Vladimir Putin are and then Swagger comes out for a big ol’ match…after the recap the story between these guys.
Submission Match: Rusev vs. Jack Swagger
Swagger’s ribs are wrapped up and he looks pretty unsteady to start. In fact, he tries to hoist Rusev and can’t pull it off. Then again, Rusev’s ankle still smarts from all those ankle locks from Swagger so each dude is less than 100%. Swagger does get another Patrior Lock on Rusev but the big guy squirms to the ropes prompting a break. They brawl outside of the ring going into the commercial.
After some advertisements, we’re back into the thick of things. Swagger looks to come back but Rusev has things pretty well covered. Swagger breaks Rusev’s dominance by landing a standing Patriot Lock and Rusev scrambles back into the ring. Ge keeps working the leg and ankle, finally plastering Rusev with a big kick and a splash. Rusev comes back with an ankle lock of his own, Swagger turns it around in kind of a cool spot and locks it in pretty good but Rusev won’t tap no matter what. He gets to the rope, Swagger breaks and tries to lock in the other leg. Rusev wiggles out, Lana gives the signat to “crussssh!” and the Bulgarian behemoth puts Swags in the clutch. Swagger reaches the ropes and Rusev breaks again. The match seems surprisingly long at this point. Rusev works Swagger’s lower back and locks in the clutch far enough from the ropes that Swagger can’t force a break. Swagger starts to stand up and power out and a towel is thrown into the ring. Bo Dallas is shown as the man responsible for this. The ref calls for the bell as Rusev settles down with the clutch again.
Result: Rusev defeats Jack Swagger via submission.

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