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WWE United States Championship Match
Rusev w/Lana (c) vs. John Cena

Rusev is the first man to make his way out for the match, and the United States Champion is accompanied by Lana as he makes his way to the ring waving a Russian flag on his way down the aisle.

John Cena is out next, and Cena gets a much more positive reaction than he usually does. This crowd is nowhere near the 50/50 split we usually hear.

The bell rings and Rusev kicks at Cena’s legs, and both men stare each other down. Rusev tests Cena with another kick, and Cena lands a huge right hand before trapping Rusev in a rear chin lock. Rusev flips Cena over and hits him with a quick kick to the midsection. Rusev takes it to Cena in the corner with a series of strikes before choking Cena with his foot. Cena fights back with a series of right hands, but Rusev comes back with a spinning back back to wipe out Cena for a two count. Rusev grabs Cena’s arm and kicks him in the ribs repeatedly.

Rusev backs up and splashes Cena in the corner, but still only gets a two count. Cena grabs the ropes to pull himself up on the apron, and Rusev hits the ropes, launches Cena into the barricade on the floor. Rusev brings things back into the ring for another near fall.

Rusev looks frustrated, and turns around into a dropkick from Cena. Rusev returns the favor with a huge dropkick of his own that’s good for another near fall. Rusev hits Cena with a big right hand, and Cena takes down Rusev with a spear, and a series of right hands. Cena hits a shoulder tackle, but when he goes for a second, Rusev catches him and hits a fall away slam that’s good for two.

Rusev drops an elbow, and then another to the chest of Cena, then a third. Rusev goes for the pin, but only gets two. Cena pulls himself to his feet and hits Rusev with a couple of punches, but Rusev catches Cena with a back elbow, and goes right for an arm-trap rear chin lock.

Cena fights up to his feet, and he struggles to break the hold, getting kicked in the gut by Rusev. Cena blocks a suplex attempt by Rusev, and reverses with one of his own. Both men are slow to get to their feet. Cena ducks a clothesline, and connects with a giant one of his own. Cena shoulders Rusev, but Rusev fights out of it, hitting Cena with a DDT. Rusev rolls Cena over for a cover, getting two.

Rusev splashes Cena in the corner, backing up and splashing him and second and third time. Rusev covers Cena for another two count, slamming his fists on the mat in frustration. Rusev looks down at Cena as Cena pulls himself up using Rusev for support. Cena scores with a series of lefts and rights, two shoulder tackles, a belly to back suplex, and a five knuckle shuffle. Cena shoulders Rusev, but Rusev fights out of it and connects with a superkick for a short two count.

Rusev goes for a big stomp, but Cena fights out and tries for the STF. Rusev fights out, and connects with a giant swinging slam, putting Cena down for another two count. Rusev charges Cena in the corner and runs into a big boot. Cena leaps off the middle rope with a tornado DDT that puts Rusev down for a two count.

Both men get to their feet and trade right hands. Cena ducks a clothesline and shoulders Rusev. Rusev fights out of it and goes to slam Cena, but Cena counters into the STF in the middle of the ring.

Rusev breaks the hold by powering out of it, then he plants Cena with the Alabama slam, good enough for another two count. Rusev drops a series of elbows across Cena’s back, but when he goes to stomp Cena, Cena turns it around into the STF. Rusev teases tapping out, but he grabs the rope and forces Cena to break the hold.

Both men are slow to get to their feet, and when they do, Cena shoulders Rusev again, but Rusev fights out, kicks Cena in the ribs, and then the side of the head. Rusev misses a superkick and Cena shoulders Rusev and connects with the AA, pinning Rusev for two!

Cena picks himself up on the apron and heads to the top rope. Cena leaps off the top rope and Rusev catches him, planting him with a powerbomb. Rusev traps Cena in the accolade, wrenching back.

Cena attempts to break the hold, but Rusev fights him at every turn. Cena stands with Rusev on his back, and Lana’s in the ring with the distraction. Rusev low blows Cena, and hits a superkick to Cena’s face. Rusev traps Cena in the accolade again, and the ref is forced to call for the bell as Cena has been knocked out.

Winner and STILL WWE US Champion: Rusev

Doctors are in the ring checking on Cena as Rusev makes his way to the back with his title, and Lana.

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