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 The Ravishing Russian
Height: 5'7'
From: Moscow

Lana, real name CJ Perry, grew up in wealthy family in Russia. At just nine years old, she attended an elite ballet school, where she became a professional dancer. She says that if she messed up they would throw shoes and chairs at her, making her life was much harder than the typical American teenager.

Lana grew up in one of the wealthiest parts of Moscow, having two cooks, three drivers, four maids, two nannies, and a gardener. Lana and her family also have a summer home in Latvia, as well as other homes and penthouses in New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles.

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TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs … and Stairs 2014 Results
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Rusev is out for the next match, and of course he’s got Lana by his side, with his title over her shoulder.

Lana has got a mic in hand, and she begins to say something about the price of oil, but she’s interrupted by Jack Swagger’s music. Swagger marches out, and heads right for the ring.

WWE United States Championship Match
Rusev vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger is held back by the referee, but as soon as the bell rings, Swagger goes right to work with a couple of big right hands. Rusev kicks Swagger in the knee, but Swagger comes right back, slamming Rusev into the side of the ring and ropes. Swagger tries to do something with the ring post, but Rusev won’t budge, so Swagger goes to work on Rusev in the corner. Rusev bails from the ring, but Swagger gives chase, and hits a big clothesline back in the ring. Swagger hits a nice big boot to send Rusev to the mat. Swagger tries for the Swagger bomb, but Rusev moves. Rusev goes for a kick, but Swagger is able to block and he tries for the ankle lock. Rusev reverses things, and tries to lock in the accolade, but Swagger makes it to the ropes before Rusev can lock it in. Rusev drags Swagger back to the middle of the ring, and he’s able to fully trap Swagger in the accolade.

Swagger fades, but begins to show some signs of life. Swagger gets to his knees, and he actually turns things around into the patriot lock. Rusev is screaming in pain, but he kicks Swagger away. Rusev rolls out to the floor, and Swagger follows. Rusev catches Swagger with a huge kick to the face.

Rusev makes it back into the ring, and Swagger struggles, but gets in at nine. Rusev kicks Swagger in the face again, and clamps on the accolade once more. Swagger fades, and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner and STILL WWE United States Champion: Rusev

Rusev holds his title high, while a big Russian flag drops from the ceiling.

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Hell in a Cell 2014 Results
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Rusev vs. Big Show
We go to the ring and out comes Rusev with Lana. Lana goes to speak and a big USA chant starts. Lana tells everyone to shut up. Lana cuts a promo and is interrupted by Big Show. The bell rings and Show goes to work on Rusev.
Rusev takes out Show’s leg and goes to work on him. Show tries to fight back but Rusev drops him with a big suplex. Rusev goes back to work on Show’s leg. Rusev stomps on the back twice and goes for The Accolade but Show counters. Show turns that into a submission on Rusev’s knee. Rusev finally gets to the bottom rope and breaks it. Show calls for a knockout punch but Rusev ducks it. Show drops him with a shoulder and a forearm. Show with splashes in the corner and a big spear.
Mark Henry makes his way down to ringside. Show goes for a chokeslam but Rusev fights Show off and beats him down. Show catches Rusev and chokeslams him for a 2 count. Rusev ends up down on the floor. Henry approaches him but backs off. Show comes out and rolls Rusev back in. Henry cheers Show on. Show enters the ring and Rusev nails a big kick to the jaw. Henry gets on the apron and Rusev kicks him to the floor. Rusev with another big kick to Show. The third takes him down. Rusev applies The Accolade on Big Show for the win.
Winner: Rusev
– After the match, Rusev celebrates with Lana as the Russian flag drops down over the ring. They leave with a flag in hand as Henry and trainers check on Show in the ring.

Night of Champions 2014 Results
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Mark Henry vs. Rusev (with Lana)
Big pop when Henry’s music began. They had Lilian Garcia sing the national anthem, which got the crowd pumped and gave this an even greater “big fight” feel. Big pop when she was done.
Henry nailed Rusev with some hard punches and Rusev went to the floor to regroup. Henry maintained control and Rusev went to the floor again. It was definitely all Mark Henry early. Rusev finally scored by drilling Henry into the ring steps on the floor. Back in the ring, Rusev killed Henry with an Avalanche in the corner and then a running back splash. He worked over Mark and locked in a camel clutch that was turned into a side chinlock. Rusev (naturally) used the Side Russian Legsweep.
Rusev continued wearing down Mark Henry. Henry fought back to his feet and scored several clotheslines. He nailed a splash in the corner but was hurting. He went for a slam but his back gave out. Rusev hit a spinkick to take Henry down.
Rusev began working over Henry’s back and went for the Accolade. Henry suddenly realized what was going on and fought his way back to his feet before Rusev could nail it. Henry went for the sitdown powerbomb but Rusev raked his face. Henry somehow caught him coming and nailed the World’s Strongest Slam but his back prevented him from following up. Rusev rolled out of the ring before Henry could capitalize.
Henry grabbed at Rusev from the ring but was nailed with a thrust kick. Rusev climbed up on the apron and nailed another kick. Rusev hit a charging thrust kick and cinched in The Accolade. Henry fought but quickly tapped out.
Your winner, Rusev!
Rusev and Lana celebrated in the ring as the Russian flag dropped down.

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SummerSlam 2014 Results
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Rusev vs. Jack Swagger: Flag Match
Lana dedicated the match to Vladimir Putin. She cut a promo on Hollywood being fake like America. They brought out a color guard with the U.S. Flag before Swagger’s entrance. Rusev attacked Swagger as he was waving the flag and beat him with a series of right hands. Swagger nailed him and locked on the Patriot Lock before the bell. The referee separated them. Lana began yelling at Rusev who now had to fight on a bad wheel.
Swagger charged him in the corner at the bell and went right back after the ankle. Rusev went to the floor. Swagger went to the floor and tossed him back in. Swagger went right back after the ankle again. Swagger clotheslined Rusev on the floor.
Swagger went for the Swagger Bomb off the ropes but Rusev pulled his knees up. The announcers said Swagger was dealing with injured knees so now we had two hurt wrestlers competing. Rusev worked over his back and ribs, dropping a headbutt across it. Swagger was trapped in a bear hug. He fired back with elbows and went for a belly to belly suplex. Rusev drilled him and continued working over the back. They battled back and forth. Swagger nailed a big kick and nailed the Swagger Bomb but hurt his ribs and only got a two count.
Swagger was caught with an elbow as he charged. Swagger nailed his ankle and hit a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Rusev went after the ribs again and killed Swagger with the leaping thrust kick. Rusev went to lock on the Accolade but his ankle was hurt and he had problems getting it on, so he did a one legged version while standing on his knee. This allowed Swagger some room to reverse it into the ankle lock. Rusev tried to get to the ropes but was pulled back. He turned over onto his back and nailed a number of shots to the ribs to get Swagger off of him. Rusev nailed a big splash and locked on the Accolade, and Rusev’s expression of pain putting the move on was awesome. Swagger refused to tap but blacked out so the referee called it.
Your winner, Rusev!
Lana got in Zeb Colter’s face after and gave him a mocking “We the People.” She then ordered Rusev to kick Colter when he wasn’t looking. They raised a GIANT Russian Flag as Rusev and Lana stood proudly over the beaten Americans.

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Battleground 2014 Results
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Rusev (with Lana) vs. Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter)


Lana cut a promo putting over Vladimir Putin saying he stands up for what he believes in and isn’t afraid of saying the truth. Lana promised that Rusev would crush everyone in the building, including Jack Swagger. Good promo from Lana.


Zeb Colter said that we’ve heard enough out of Natasha and Boris, so she slapped the mic out of his hands. Swagger and Rusev began battling and Rusev was knocked out of the ring.


Swagger went for the Patriot Lock early but Rusev rolled outside. Rusev used his power to control Swagger early. Swagger fired back with a series of rights. Rusev missed a charge in the corner and Swagger again went for the Patriot Lock, so Rusev retreated to the outside.


This time, Swagger followed and tossed him back into the ring. Swagger charged him with a splash in the corner and nailed a series of knees. Rusev caught Swagger with a crushing blow as he rebounded against the ropes and nailed a Fall Away Slam. Rusev worked him over and stomped away at him.


Rusev nailed a series of headbutts and worked over Swagger, then locked on a nerve hold to the shoulder. The crowd began chanting, “We the People.” Rusev overpowered Swagger and brought him back to the mat. Swagger finally battled back but was tossed over the top to the floor in front of the announcers.


Swagger was knocked off the apron every time he tried to get back in and Colter fired him up. Swagger returned to the ring and cleaned house on Rusev. He nailed the Vader Bomb out of the corner for a two count. He caught Rusev with a takedown for a two count.

Swagger was tossed over the top but landed on his feet. He nailed Rusev but was caught returning through the ropes. Rusev went for a big kick but Swagger turned it into the Patriot Lock in the center of the ring. Rusev fought for the ropes and finally made it. He pulled himself out to the floor.


Swagger followed him to the outside and chopblocked him in the back of the knee, then locked the Patriot Lock on the outside. Rusev used his positioning to roll through and send Swagger into the ring steps. The referee kept counting and Rusev finally returned at the nine count. Swagger was counted out.


Winner: Rusev (via count-out)

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Money in the Bank 2014 Results
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Rusev (with Lana) vs. Big E.

Lana took the mic and said that Rusev’s opponent will be waving the American flag, a flag that is supposed to represent a great nation. She said that is a joke. She said the leader of the world, Vladmir Putin prove Russia’s superiority. Rusev promised to crush Big E. They showed Big E. doing a spirited promo saying he was going to stand up for America.

Big E. worked over Rusev early and tried to repeat the spear through the ropes but was kicked in the face. Rusev nailed a big back suplex. Rusev nailed a series of strikes and locked on a chinlock.

Rusev missed a splash. Big E. was drilled with a series of punches before he really had a chance to capitalize and beat him into the corner. Rusev charged him but was caught with a Uranage out of the corner. Big E. charged him with a series of clothesline and avoided a Rusev kick before nailing an overhead belly to belly suplex. Rusev was then speared Rusev through the ropes to the floor. It looked brutal.

E brought him back into the ring for a two count. Rusev was bleeding from the mouth or nose. Rusev pulled himself out to the apron and kicked Big E. as he charged in. Rusev nailed a thrust kick. He locked in the Accolade, and Big E. almost broke it but Rusev prevented that and sunk the move in even deeper. Big E. tapped.

Your winner, Rusev!

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Payback 2014 Results – June 1st, 2014
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Lana is introduced, and she makes her way out to the top of the entranceway. She says Americans, your country is pathetic. In Russia, they laugh at us. The entire world laughs at us, but no one laughs at Russia. The country was once strong, but has fallen to the greatest country in the world, Mother Russia. And it is led by the greatest leader in the world, President Putin. She tells the fans they will respect Putin, and bow down to him. Rusev is introduced (as now residing in Moscow). Rusev makes his way to the ring waving a Russian flag the entire way.

Big E is the next man out to the ring, and he gets a big pop as he waves an American flag on his way down.

Both men wave their flags with all of their might, as we get a quick recap of the events last Monday that led to this match, with Big E defending Zack Ryder and knocking Rusev from the ring.

Rusev (with Lana) vs. Big E

Big E ducks a clothesline, and both men collide in the middle of the ring. Both get a couple of shots in, but Rusev backs Big E into the corner. It’s short lived as Big E backs Rusev up in the same manner. Rusev hits a belly to back suplex, then kicks Big E square in the chest a couple of times for good measure. Rusev hits a couple of clubbing blows across Big E’s back. Rusev splashes Big E in the corner as the crowd chants ‘we want Ziggler’. Rusev charges Big E in the corner and Big E catches Rusev, planting him with a urunage.

Rusev goes out to the apron and Big E spears Rusev through the ropes, driving both men to the floor. Lana looks shocked.

Big E stands and pulls Rusev to his feet, bringing things back into the ring. Big E goes for the pin and gets a two count. Big E hits the ropes, and Rusev catches Big E with a huge kick right to the chin that knocks Big E to the mat. Rusev looks to Lana, and she tells him to crush. Rusev stomps on Big E’s back, then locks him into the camel clutch. Big E is forced to tap out.

Winner: Rusev

Rusev holds the submission until Lana tells him to break it, and then stands to have his hand raised.

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Extreme Rules 2014 Results – May 4th, 2014
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‘The Ravishing Russian’ Lana is introduced, and she makes her way out to speak a little bit of Russian, dedicate tonight to the ‘most powerful man in the world’, Russian president Vladamir Putin, and introduce Alexander Rusev.

Alexander Rusev vs. R-Truth and Xavier Woods

Truth dedicates this match to the US and the two men hit the ring. Woods runs right into a huge kick and both are sent to the outside. Rusev launches Truth into the barricade, then sends Woods crashing into the ring apron. Rusev tosses Truth into the ring and belly to belly suplexes Woods on the floor. The ref finally rings the bell and Rusev goes on the attack, punching and kicking Truth in the corner.

Rusev sends Truth crashing into the corner hard, then follows with a big back splash. Rusev looks down on Woods, still laid out on the outside. Rusev runs right into double boots from Truth in the corner. Truth is able to cartwheel away from Rusev and hits a big spinning kick, and running clothesline in the corner. Truth connects with a missile dropkick from the middle rope, ducks a clothesline, and hits a spinning back elbow and axe kick, but Rusev won’t stay down for three.

Rusev catches Truth in mid air, and goes for a fall away slam, but Truth lands on his feet. Rusev knocks him down with a huge spinning back heel kick. Trainers check on Woods on the outside. Rusev takes Truth down with a spinning, standing black hole-like slam. Rusev clamps on the camel clutch, and Truth is forced to tap out.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

While making their way to the back, Lana points at Woods and tells Rusev to crush him. Rusev picks up Woods and plants him with a fall away slam on the floor before leaping up and screaming out.

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